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Editorial of December 2016

I am happy to share Professor’s Mariana Canotilho Editorial in the Official Blog of UNIO – EU Law Journal. I am proud that the Editorial shares these views without any reservations.

Official Blog of UNIO

European Parliament in Greece on May 18, 2016

by Mariana Canotilho, Editor

‘Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground’

The 6th EASO Consultative Forum Plenary took place in Athens on 28-29 November 2016. I took part in it, as an academic, interested in EU law, and a volunteer working with refugees. A feeling of deep frustration seemed to be shared by most of the attendants (academics, NGO’s workers, EU and UN agencies’ representatives). What is being done is not enough. It is too slow, too bureaucratic; the legal framework is either insufficient or absurd and counterproductive.

EASO is the European Asylum Support Office. It plays a central role in the implementation of the EU Migration agenda and the new hotspot approach. It is the European agency more focused on the specific problems of refugees, trying to strengthen the practical cooperation among Member States on the many aspects of asylum, and providing practical and technical support to Member States…

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#rightfactor Malta 2016

rf-089So very happy with the #rightfactor training course on human rights, which took place in Malta from 1-9 September 2016, funded by ERASMUS+. As one of the main trainers, I found amazing colleagues at Prisms Malta and very interested students, wanting to learn about human rights and how to make their NGOs more inclusive and compliant with those.


Soon we will be launching the website of this training course and presenting the projects that were developed by the NGOs that were in Malta with us. Pedro Regadas and Telmo Sá are doing an amazing job, as designers, in helping us disseminate this meaningful project whose results I will share with you soon.

All photos by Telmo Sá.